Rukapillán downhill

This Tour is designed for bikers who want to experience down-hilling on the volcano and her unique terrain. Leaving Pucón by 4x4 and heading to the volcano ski centre, we continue to climb as high as our vehicle can take us. From here we choose one of many lines in the Dry Rock sector of the volcano and finally arrive in Pucón at the end of an epic 20km descent. Definitely a great way to enjoy the excitement of mountain biking.

Start time: 10:00 and 16:00

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

Distance: 20 km


Enduro day

This Tour is designed for bikers who want to experience a full day of volcanic mountain biking. Starting in the morning in Pucón we head to the beginning of one of three available routes: "El Clasico /Roca Seca", "Los Nevados" and "geometrical hotspring"; three incredible trails that challenge us physically and technically for 5 to 6 hours of riding, crossing varied volcanic and forested terrain and a number of beautiful places. The day ends with a traditional, delicious southern Chilean barbeque, set in the beauty of this remarkable part of the world.

Start time: 8:00

Duration: 7 - 8 hours

Distance: 40 km


Enduro half day

This Tour is designed for bikers who only have a few hours to get out and experience the adventure of riding volcanic terrain. With departures from Pucón in the morning, in the afternoon and at night (night ride), this tour is designed to fit in with the typical tourist schedules and itineraries allowing our guests to get the very most out of their time in Pucón.

From Pucón we head to one of three different sectors in which we have prepared half-day tours, our routes are based on freeride lines and trails designed and built by Bike Pucón Tours.  "El Clásico", “Lenga” "Zanjon Seco", and "Cerduo" are the zones available for our half-day enduro tours.

Start time: 10:00 - 15:00 - 20:00

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Distance: 20 - 30 km



Freeride Pack

The most entertaining and relaxing way to enjoy Rukapillán; this pack was created so that you can build your dream mountain bike vacation. Designed for families and groups of friends with or without the same technical and physical level; the group can choose which tours to take and we can adapt the lines to suit your levels and tastes. In case of a big difference in experience and riding ability between family members or friends, we can split your group and visit different trails, find hidden lines and hit your favourites over and again ensuring that everyone gets the very best experience.

Your group can choose different half day tours in all the various sectors of the volcano and can also mix in other adventures such as white water rafting, canyoning and thermal hot springs as you wish. We have teamed up with the best adventure tourism companies in Pucón to ensure you get the very best vacation possible.

Our accommodation is a comfortable cabin set in native forest and situated on the route to the volcano, only a stone’s throw from the trails. Our freeride pack also includes a delicious traditional breakfast each morning; lunches and dinners are optional at the election of our guests and can include the restaurants of Pucón giving you time to enjoy the town, the lake and all its attractions.

Price: according to your requirements.

Duration: for the number of days contracted



The Rukapillán circuit

Come and experience the most incredible tour offered by Bike Pucón Tours; three days of pure adventure, riding the whole way round Rukapillán! Our route follows trails and freeride lines, passing through the higher altitude slopes of the volcano where we find spectacular views and dense native forests. From the highest parts of the forests we will descend time and again to the base of the volcano as we make our way around Rukapillán, discovering incredible and varied natural scenarios that hide a myriad of formations and landscapes, the ideal setting to discover secret paths and epic freeride lines.

Our camp domes provided by local families are located in hidden spots around the volcano. Each camp includes bathroom facilities, showers and kitchen, inflatable mattresses and southern Chilean “quinchos” (roofed barbeque/party sites) with spectacular views.

Food is prepared and served at each camp by the local families we visit in their quinchos. Handmade breads, jams, cheeses and local fruits for breakfast and southern style spit barbeques for dinner give us plenty of sustenance and some delicious local treats.

Packed lunches are given each morning to be eaten during the day and at our arrival to camp we get to enjoy a cocktail or two whilst dinner is being prepared.

Our camps are designed so that we can enjoy a full meal and a good night’s rest with all necessary amenities.

With regards safety, we carry a satellite telephone and operate VHF radio communication between the guides and the support vehicle. The logistics manager rides in the support vehicle, monitors the expedition and will manage any potential emergency situation. Our guests are accompanied by guides at all times who carry tools and first aid kits to provide any necessary assistance during the ride.


Day 1: Pucón - Pino Huacho

Day 2: Pino Huacho - Tañi Ruka

Day 3: Tañi Ruka - Pucón

Start time: 9:00 – Finish time: 18:00 daily

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights

Distance: 120 km