About Bike Pucon

14 years of stories

In 2019 we had our 14 th birthday and the team at Bike Pucón Tours are proud and happy to be able to keep working doing what we are most passionate about; riding our bikes and sharing the wonders and excitement of this unique place and sport with our guests.

Expert guides

For us the mountain bike represents our lifestyle, our passion and a pure and essential form ofmovement. As warriors willing to surrender to adventure and nature, we have cut our own paths racing, competing, getting lost in flow and studying intensely to build knowledge and then learning how to share this knowledge. Always enjoying the bike and that unequalled feeling of freedom it gives us, we have combined vocation and a clear mission to promote and share mountain biking to grow this
awesome sport as much as possible.

Guiding philosophy

At Bike Pucón Tours we have taken the time and care necessary to develop and perfect the way in which we guide our tours. We have established a guiding philosophy that makes safety the foundation of all we do and in turn adapts our choices based on the technical and physical ability of our guests. This
philosophy combined with the wooded and mountainous terrain of our beautiful region enables us to achieve our principle objective; provide an activity that becomes an unforgettable experience, full of fun with a deep connection to nature and the bike.

Trail builders

For as long as we can remember, as friends and colleagues, always loving Mother Nature, abusing her trust as little as possible and with the greatest of respect, we have shaped our trails through her confines. In the heart of her forests, carving and moulding like a sculptor with our machetes, shovels and picks, with our hands in her soils, we have opened trails  full of fun, built to enjoy and embrace the
wonder of the volcano and her realm.